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About Us

About Us

Meet Stark / Raving Health

Stark / Raving Health is a clinical trial marketing agency specializing in accelerating patient recruitment using a strategic mix of creative study branding and materials, engaging websites, and targeted media outreach campaigns. Our method is built on 25+ years of successfully delivering hundreds of global patient recruitment campaigns across a range of therapeutic areas in more than 50 countries and over 70 languages. Our team’s unique ability to tailor our approach by protocol and successfully deliver highly qualified referrals has made us a go-to resource for the world’s leading biotechs, pharmaceutical companies, and CROs.

Leading Experts in the Field

At our core, Stark / Raving Health is forged by a collective of clinical trial marketing experts, each possessing a diverse set of skills that come together to create our dynamic team. Our foundation is built upon the expertise of individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in patient recruitment, marketing, media, and operations, ensuring a well-rounded approach to addressing the complex challenges of our industry.

Award-winning Creative Team

Our proven track record demonstrates our agency understanding of the high level of creativity required to build impactful patient recruitment campaigns. Stark / Raving Health is dedicated to fostering an inclusive clinical research environment, evident in meticulously crafted study branding and toolkits that promote health literacy and empower diverse patient populations. At every step, our team is guided by the vision of a more inclusive future in clinical research, ensuring every voice is heard and every community represented.

Award-winning Creative Team

Bespoke Media Strategies

Our patient recruitment media strategies are meticulously crafted, completely custom, and rooted in data-driven insights. We understand the importance of tailoring our approach, leveraging comprehensive data and in-depth analysis. This commitment to customization ensures that our strategies are finely tuned to the unique characteristics of your clinical trial and target audiences. Our campaigns are precision-engineered to deliver optimal results.

Operational Excellence

We operate on a set of meticulously developed processes and procedures. These streamlined frameworks enable our team to expedite the development of patient recruitment campaigns with unparalleled precision and cost efficiency. Our commitment to efficiency is reflected in every stage, from onboarding, strategy, execution, and delivery, ensuring that your campaign is delivered promptly and meet the highest standards without compromise.

Operational Excellence

Transparent and Responsive

At Stark / Raving Health, transparency is not just a principle; it’s the foundation of our client relationships. We operate with complete openness, ensuring that our clients have a clear understanding of every aspect of their project. We take pride in fostering a culture of responsiveness, where client needs are met with agility and attention to detail. This commitment to transparency and prompt responsiveness reflects our dedication to building trust and providing our clients with the highest level of service and communication.

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Stark / Raving Health Team

A perfect mix of ingredients makes us Stark / Raving Health

.01 Creativity Rules

Creativity is the catalyst that fuels innovation. We address every obstacle with openness and flexibility to generate the unique solutions that drive success.

.02 Act Boldly

To achieve greatness for not just ourselves but our clients, we must take risks, push boundaries, and step out of our comfort zones. There is no other path.

.03 Stay Curious

Curiosity keeps the mind sharp. It drives exploration, challenges assumptions, and encourages a deeper understanding of the industry trends and consumer behaviors that power business strategies.

.04 Keep an Open Mind

We recognize that relinquishing control and entrusting others is difficult. Our goal is to alleviate the burdens that prevent your company from doing what it does best–creating, developing, and executing great products and services.

.05 Foster Collaboration

Our process deliberately incorporates collaboration to ensure your team is informed and involved at every stage. Through transparent communication and teamwork, we’ll strive to attain measurable outcomes that align with your defined goals.

.06 Respect the Process and the People

We value the relationships and mutual respect we develop with our clients. We consistently deliver results by taking a consultative role that is solution-oriented and centered on providing a positive working experience.

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